BASE is for everyone.

We really care about you and we want to make sure that you’ll have the best experience possible with us.
If you need further specific assistance you can write to us at:

For any information or need you can go to the infopoint: the access is from Gate A, in the main entrance.
If you are a person with a disability we have set up tools to facilitate your participation, ask us!
We are the ones with the yellow badge.

* Do you have any suggestions or questions for us? Write us!

Here you will find info about:
↘ How to reach us
↘ What’s inside BASE
↘ Reception & services
↘ Ticket office & events

How to reach us

BASE is located in Milan, in Via Ambrogio da Fossano Bergognone, 34 (20144).
You can reach us in many ways:

BASE Milano is reachable thanks to the public service of sharing bicycles of the city of Milan, BikeMi. The nearest station is number 164 – Bergognone – Tortona.

Find here all useful information about the service.

If you come by bike you can park at BASE! We have racks where you can park your bike inside the Courtyard.

→ Metro MM2: the green one! You can get off both at PORTA GENOVA FS and SANT’AGOSTINO, both are accessible.

Find here the complete informations on the operation status of elevators and stairlifts in metro stations.


  • n.68, which ends at the BASE entrance;
  • n.90/91: get off at the stop of Piazzale delle Milizie / Viale Troya and continue on foot along Via Tortona, until you reach the roundabout where you will find the entrance to your left.


  • n.14: get off at the stop of Piazza del Rosario and continue on foot along Via Bergognone, until you reach the roundabout where you will find the entrance to your right;
  • n.10, until the stop of PORTA GENOVA FS

Here informations on the accessibility of ATM public transport.

Here find the website  to schedule your move in advance.

You can reach BASE Milan by car. Inside the Mudec (entrance Via Tortona, 56) you will find a covered parking open H24.

BASE Milano is located within Area B, a restricted traffic area with paid access for a number of vehicles.

Here some informations abou Area B and here some access informations for disabled vehicles.

You can reach BASE Milano with any service or app Taxi stop in front of the entrance of Via Bergognone, 34 at Largo Delle Culture, 20144.

BASE includes

BASE Milano is a former redeveloped industrial space. The renovation works and the adaptation of spaces have been carried out in accordance with current legislation on accessibility and overcoming architectural barriers. We will continue to work, in the coming years, to make BASE Milano fully accessible for everyone.

All entries are listed alphabetically to facilitate orientation.

There are two entrances dedicated to the public: the main one is in via Bergognone, 34 and the other one is in Via Tortona, 54, and is reserved for guests of home base or specific events and for loading/ unloading activities.

The main entrance is shared with the City of Milan – which manages the concierge – a post office and the Laboratories of the Teatro alla Scala.

The area is free of architectural barriers and the pavement of the entire courtyard is asphalt and, except for disconnections due to manholes or normal deterioration, is coplanar.

Before entering the structure, on the right the courtyard houses the stage and the outdoor bar of BASE Milano, active from late spring until early autumn. The stage is about 90 cm high from the ground while the bar counter is about 120 cm high.
Except for those who have to go to activities hosted on the floor 0 in the middle of the courtyard on the left is the GATE C with elevator that serves all floors. Access to the gate is through an aluminum threshold and to reach the elevator you need to cross a glass door back.

Access to the lift provides a minimum drop down.


Entering from Bergognone 34 the first room you meet is Ground Hall.  The access portal consists of a pair of glass doors with a pull opening and an aluminium junction threshold.

Behind the infopoint (counter height c.a. 150 cm) there are stairs to access the upper area where there is the Bar/ Bistro, services and possibly access to the ROOM 1400. To overcome this vertical barrier there is a platform for transport to the mezzanine level.

Next to the landing of the platform there is an accessible bathroom with pull door.

The floor of the lower part of Ground Hall is made of cement-resin and has no disconnections.


Next to bistroBASE is the ROOM1400. The hall is usually set up with a stage (height 60cm) and an auditorium area with a characteristic wooden flooring with a maximum slope of 5%.

Access with wheelchairs or other means of transport on wheels can take place from the Auditorium (GATE D) or by lift via GATE C.

The room has the first two accessible services, the second with pull doors.

*During evenings/ concerts usually the entrance from the active street is that of the driveway of via Tortona 54.


The hall occupies the entire west wing of the building and has several accesses that are activated depending on the activities. The hall also includes the YESROOM area.

To access ROOM 2100 there are different modes and in case of walking difficulties you can use the elevator in the central stairwell (GATE C) or external stairwell (GATE K) if the set-up includes the use of the room in its entire length.

The space has 4 connecting points for the expansion joints, for the rest of the space the room is free of differences in level. The room is equipped with a bathroom equipped for people with disabilities.


Access to the area is via the K-D GATE located to the left of the entrance to Tortona 54 and equipped with a lift. After entering the building through the glass door pull the room is on the right

In this space there is an accessible bathroom with sliding door.


casaBASE is located on the first floor and has two entrances. During the day you can access from Via Bergognone 34, or in case of night time from Via Tortona 54.

Entering via Tortona 54, you will have to use the PIN code to enter from the gate or driveway that will have been sent previously.

From Via Bergognone, 34 instead, access to the inside of the hostel is made through the use of the external metal stairs, positioned in fiano of Gate A.

A second entrance also allows, through the external courtyard of the structure, to reach the GATE C in order to enter the central stairwell and use the elevator to reach the first floor of the building.

Once you leave the elevator, you can find lockers in case of luggage storage. From there you can access the corridor where all 10 rooms are located (including the lounge as a common area).

The ROOM7 is equipped with the main needs to accommodate a person with a disability.

casabase also has two common bathrooms along the corridor where there are no architectural barriers.


On the first mezzanine floor are the musicROOMS.

Access to the hall is from the first external staircase GATE B otherwise you can access by lift from GATE A and reach the 1A floor.

At the landing to enter the area there are two doors with a pull opening. In space there are no impediments of movement except the access to the capsule at which there is a step because the area is raised.

The room is also equipped with an accessible bathroom with pull-out door.

BURÒ — Accesso riservato alla community

The BURÒ occupies almost the entire 2nd floor of the west wing of the building and has several entrances. The elevator access is only via the VS2. Upon disembarkation of the elevator to access the area will have to pass a pull-out door overlooking a slope of about 5%.

The floor of the entire floor is of tiles or resin and in the west wing there are some fittings for expansion joints, there are no impediments of movement.

There is an accessible bathroom with push opening.

The BASE terrace is on the top floor of the building. For access with the elevator it is necessary to pay attention to the staff of the external BAR so that you can use the device.  At the landing of the lift there is a curtain of PVC strips easily passable; on the side of the landing lift there is an accessible bathroom with pull-out (the second). The floor of the terrace is not disconnected.

Reception & services


At the entrance of Via Bergognone, 34 there is a concierge open from 7:30AM until 5:30PM and a post office.


The infopoint is located immediately after the large steel door of BASE, in the courtyard on the side of the entrance of Via Bergognone, 34. Inside the infopoint there is always an operator at the complete disposal of the public for any information or need and/ or for the sale/ control of tickets and access monitoring.


There is no wardrobe service provided unless it is a service included with some of the events we host.

The elevator is located on the ground floor, accessed by the large iron door between the two external stairs, or on the mezzanine floor if accessed through the bistroBASE. It is always recommended to ask for the help of an operator present in infopoint!

The ground floor houses the gender-free toilets for the public both in the vicinity of the B&B bistro and inside the ROOM1400, both equipped for people with disabilities.

Emergency routes are marked. Alarm devices shall be visual and audible. Almost all doors have panic bars.

Ticket office & events

During our events, normally, the ticket office opens one hour before the event start time.


For all musical events produced by BASE Milano and partners, we reserve the free admission for the companion of people with disabilities who have purchased a ticket.

→ To report any specific needs write to (Monday to Friday from H9AM to H6PM). For questions about other events or specific requests, we remain available.

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