Edoardo Mozzanega in residenza a BASE

in residency at 2024-02-05

In residency at BASE Milano, Edoardo Mozzanega brings HIDE is the cave where hominids cohabited with big felines, their predators, in a darkness where they were seen without seeing. In this promiscuous depth, a sound that resembles a roar-creak manifests itself and originates in a pre-linguistic vocal gesture: the vocal fry or creak, a grave, percussive sonority generated by a body poised between animal and human, between animate and inanimate, between looking and being looked at, between concealment and appearance. Finally, the emergence of a rhythmic climax of music and an ecstatic metamorphosis of forms.

Edoardo Mozzanega (1988) is a performer and director. His multidisciplinary research lies in a liminal zone between theatre, dance, visual arts and somatic research. As a perfomer, he has collaborated, among others, with Compagnia NUT, Ariella Vidach, Public Movement, Ari B. Meyers, Alessandro Sciarroni. In 2019 he founded the Neutopica collective, a nomadic project that creates participatory performances, rituals in the landscape and collaborative artistic residencies in uninhabited places.

Production Chiasma
Co-production East West
With the support of Kilowatt Festival
Residence BASE Milan, Danae festival
With the support of MiC and SIAE, as part of the “Per Chi Crea” programme.